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New Dress Is Comming

Summer is comming and our news is also arriving now. It is free to do custom-made service, such as the sizes and the colors.

Now we would like to display the picture now.

Pink Yellow Short Sleeve Cotton Gothic Lolita Dress

How about this color and style? which color is best? Just waitting for your details.

Welcome to visit again.


Lolita Bags for You

Are you looking for a lolita bag to match your lolita dresses? We would like to show two different style of lolita bags for your reference and hope it is useful to you!!!

The first one, Lovely Strawberry PU Lolita Bags, which belongs to a lovely style. Made of PU. Very Cute!!!  I prefer the red one. :D

The second one, Japan Cute “Clock” Lolita Bags Made of PU, too.  This one looks a litter mature.

Which one will you select? How about your ideas? Just looking forward to your reply. :D

Pink Lolita Dresses for You

My favorite color is pink. Pink dress is my first choice. Now i show three different pink lolita dresses for your reference.

First one, Cotton Pink Lace Ruffle Sweet Lolita Dress. It is made of cotton. Very comfortable and lovely to wear.



Second one, Turndown Collar Pink Cotton Princess Lolita Dress. This dress will make you more mature.


At last one, Pink and White Victorian Style Dress. Made of satin. It looks very elegant.

This three dresses are different styles. Hope you love them. :D

The Reason that I Like Goth

As I have chronicled here before, I, like many Goths get street harassment for my being visibly Goth. Several people have asked me this – why do I still dress Goth despite the negative attention I get for it, and despite my dislike of being the center of attention. You called me ‘brave’ for doing so, but I don’t feel brave; I do what I do because I perceive the alternative as worse, so that to me is not really bravery. It is a trade-off; I deal with the negativity and the attention I unfortunately get because it is less bad than the alternative, and there are for more benefits this way.

At first, I think they look beautiful, and that mainstream clothes (and some variations of Goth clothes) are too plain for my tastes. I like details, textures, patterns – hence all the damask pattern jacquards and intricate lace, all the layers of ruffles and frills. Perhaps if I was living 200 or so years ago and had either the skills or the money to wear the wore elaborate outfits, I would have worn the mainstream or fashionable clothes of the period, but most mainstream clothes are a lot less fancy – I do sometimes find things I like in mainstream shops such as

Secondly my clothes are sort of a worn extension of my comfort zone; I wear the clothes I do because they make me feel comfortable, make me feel like myself. They remind me of who I really am in the face of everything that has tried to quash that over the years, and also of all the things I love. I dress very much as a stylistic manifestation of my interests and passions, and having those positive reminders worn feels almost talismanic; I do wear a few literal protection charms, but there’s something reassuring about wearing my Goth clothes, to have that reminder of all the things that make me happy with me at all times.

At last, I feel weird writing this out, as it seems slightly pretentious, but I hope that by being visible, I will give some of the younger and more Goths a little more courage. I’m not the only Goth that walks around where I live, and I’m not the only one that dresses very visibly Gothic – I’m probably the most elaborately Romantic variation of Goth, but I’m not the only one to go out very distinctly Goth and very fully dressed non-mainstream, but I hope that every visible Goth, out in public and proud to be themselves, is an encouragement to other Goths, and hopefully by both being Goth and trying to always be polite and friendly to the outside world, I serve as an example of a Goth that isn’t all the negative stereotypes.

New Arrived Dresses for Your Graduation

Summer is coming! Your graduation is coming, too! It will maybe hard for you to select your dreamy dresses for it. Now we would like to offer three dresses for your reference. The dresses may help you feel cool and better, and it can make you look very beautiful at the same time. Free for you to do custom-made service to do it, which includes sizes and colors.

The first one is White Cotton Sweet Lolita Dress with Short Sleeves. This dress is white, which makes you innocent and generous. It is made of cotton, and it is very comfortable for you to wear it.

The second one is Purple Sleeveless Multi Layer Victorian Dress. This dress made of satin, which is shining in the light to make you special. The spaghetti straps made you sexy.

The last one is Hot Red Cotton Sleeveless Bows Sweet Lolita Dress This dress is red, which can show your beauty and enthusiasm to your friends.


The difference between how fashions form in the East and West

Japanese fashion trends tend to form and evolve in a very different way from Western alternative fashion-based subcultures, that is many of them begin as street fashions, where as Western alternative fashions are almost always music and club based. Because of this, Western alternative fashions have much more concrete beginnings. Just take the oldest Bauhaus record insert you can find and observe a busy street in a relatively large city and you’ll probably be able to pick out several people dressed exactly like the picture on the insert. Check at the copyright info at the bottom of the insert and you can pretty much safely say “That style started because these guys were dressing like that when this album was made”. But with Japanese styles, the ones that begin as simply a street fashion that is, such as Lolita, there isn’t really any kind of media associated with it, to make a snapshot of what the fashion looked like at exactly that time, until it becomes popular enough for everyday people to start noticing the trend. Because of this, the beginnings of fashions are often lost to even the people who will later wear them. Lolita’s early years existed only in the closets of fans, the streets on the weekend, and a few small shops. Not on albums, music videos, and magazines like so many Western fashion’s beginnings.

To Dance with Victorian Lolita Dress

Most Steampunk Gothic prom dresses are multi-piece outfits which mean the wearer has the option of mismatching or revamping the look to personalize the ensemble. No wonder because one of the best attributes thought the Gothic designer is how to create inherent versatility in dress design.

However, there are so many varieties in alternative prom dresses like, Medieval promenade dresses, Victorian and Renaissance gowns and of course the beautiful handmade corset prom dresses in Steampunk Gothic style like the “Sky Blue and White Cotton Victorian Style Dress” as below.

Corset dresses are extremely beautiful on any body shape or size and they can be worn many different ways to accommodate the look that is desired. Corsetry Corsets range from under-bust to over-bust, waist to hip length, one piece or connected dress pieces and many other detailed forms of design. Its also a top-selling, high fashion choice for big events and has become an art form in itself and has made a name for itself in the Gothic designing community.

For your promenade, you can dance all night with this elegant Gothic prom dresses design by Secret Boutique, one of the independent American fashion designers to the prom or the ball or even for a unique bridal gown. The custom made skirt design inspired from Gothic, Neo Victorian, and steam punk styles is gorgeous! The historical inspired prom dress shown in teal/black iridescent two tone taffeta. Skirt is very full and gathered in side tuck to show tulle underskirt.


Buy yourself a ton of magazines just for liking the cover; cut them up & paste them into your journal.
Be someone’s fairy godmother (bonus points for little children) and send them mysterious packages and envelopes full of glitter and confetti.
Take artsy-fartsy photos of you and your friends with sparklers; add glitter glue to the print-outs.
Raid your local cornerstore for sour sweets and suck on them at sunset.
Update your travel bags for summer vacation by adding a few bows, some lace, or printed fabric. Much easier to spot on the airplane’s baggage carousel!
Use a simple video camera to chronicle your summer adventures. My friend just used one to document our Maine road trip – hilarious and like summer in a bottle!
Along with videotaping, make a mix tape/CD/playlist for long car rides and insist that your car-mates do the same. Then demand that they listen to My Little Pony’s ‘Equestria Girls’ on repeat.
Accent your pastel favorites (or even beautiful neutrals, like white and milk tea) with dashes of neon – dreamsicle, neon pink, electric blue & violet are all favorites.
In answer to one of the questions sent in, monthly Style Tips feature is not dead! We simply missed June due to my health and the instability of switching sites. Expect to see many more of this well-loved feature.


How to be sexy in a dress?

Many women want to be sexy. However, how do you do?
You Will Need well-constructed garment, bodice with boning,the right bra, right accessories
Step 1 See how it hangs
Look for a strapless dress that retains an hourglass shape even when it’s on the hanger. This ensures an hourglass shape for your figure, too.
Step 2 Look for boning
Make sure the bodice has boning — stiffening material that helps support the bust.
Step 3 Find the right bra
Find the right bra. Options include a strapless push-up or a longline — one whose material extends to the waist, helping prevent slippage.
Tip: With a strapless push-up, try on both your regular size and one cup bigger.
Step 4 Put the dress to the test
Try on the dress with different bras and put the combinations through lots of gyrations,especially if you plan to dance in the dress. Make sure it doesn’t slip, pinch, or create unattractive lumps anywhere when you sit, bend, or move your arms.
Step 5 Wear the right accessories
Wear either chandelier earrings or a necklace that complements a bare neck and decolletage,like a choker or Y-drop design. Donning both will overwhelm the dress. Carry a clutch or small evening bag.
Step 6 Top it off
Top with a shawl or cardigan if you’ll need more coverage. Now go knock some socks off with your sexy dress!
Many lolita dress can often make you look sexy, when you wear it, you will enhances your confidence. Just have a try!