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My Favorite Color: Blue

Women born to pursue beautiful and fashionable things. Girls are constantly seeking for pretty outfits, shoes and other accessories to dress up to steal the limelight! Feminine looks are charming since a sexual charged appearance can be always charming. Then to boost that enchanting look, bet on a blue Lolita dress to cut a smart figure.

In the color spectrum, blue is a charming hue to convey a peaceful, refreshing, elegant and noble flair for any style statement. A Lolita styled dress in light blue with frills, bows or lace trims is surely a great element for a very dressy look. As a trend in the world of fashion, blue shades cater to a lot of Lolita fans. Now i will show you one of blue lolita dresses for your reference.


This kind of lolita dress features its short sleeve design and tiers of pleated skirt with lace trim. Made of Cotton. It is my favorite dress. Love it. :)