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The difference between how fashions form in the East and West

Japanese fashion trends tend to form and evolve in a very different way from Western alternative fashion-based subcultures, that is many of them begin as street fashions, where as Western alternative fashions are almost always music and club based. Because of this, Western alternative fashions have much more concrete beginnings. Just take the oldest Bauhaus record insert you can find and observe a busy street in a relatively large city and you’ll probably be able to pick out several people dressed exactly like the picture on the insert. Check at the copyright info at the bottom of the insert and you can pretty much safely say “That style started because these guys were dressing like that when this album was made”. But with Japanese styles, the ones that begin as simply a street fashion that is, such as Lolita, there isn’t really any kind of media associated with it, to make a snapshot of what the fashion looked like at exactly that time, until it becomes popular enough for everyday people to start noticing the trend. Because of this, the beginnings of fashions are often lost to even the people who will later wear them. Lolita’s early years existed only in the closets of fans, the streets on the weekend, and a few small shops. Not on albums, music videos, and magazines like so many Western fashion’s beginnings.