Buy yourself a ton of magazines just for liking the cover; cut them up & paste them into your journal.
Be someone’s fairy godmother (bonus points for little children) and send them mysterious packages and envelopes full of glitter and confetti.
Take artsy-fartsy photos of you and your friends with sparklers; add glitter glue to the print-outs.
Raid your local cornerstore for sour sweets and suck on them at sunset.
Update your travel bags for summer vacation by adding a few bows, some lace, or printed fabric. Much easier to spot on the airplane’s baggage carousel!
Use a simple video camera to chronicle your summer adventures. My friend just used one to document our Maine road trip – hilarious and like summer in a bottle!
Along with videotaping, make a mix tape/CD/playlist for long car rides and insist that your car-mates do the same. Then demand that they listen to My Little Pony’s ‘Equestria Girls’ on repeat.
Accent your pastel favorites (or even beautiful neutrals, like white and milk tea) with dashes of neon – dreamsicle, neon pink, electric blue & violet are all favorites.
In answer to one of the questions sent in, monthly Style Tips feature is not dead! We simply missed June due to my health and the instability of switching sites. Expect to see many more of this well-loved feature.


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